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A QVS video system calibration service may include adjustment and compensation of the following:

  • Parfocalization for auto focus
  • Parcentricity of zoom lens
  • FOV edge detection accuracy
  • X/Y axis squareness of stage travel
  • X/Y axis linear or nonlinear grid (up to 25 intersections)
  • Z axis squareness to X/Y travel
  • Z axis linear calibration

A QVS optical comparator calibration may include adjustment and compensation of the following:

  • Table squareness to optical axis
  • Focus squareness to optical axis
  • Micrometer accuracy, if equipped
  • Perpendicularity of X to Y axis
  • Edge detection accuracy to centerline (OGP machines)
  • Magnification and distortion accuracy for all lenses equipped with machine
  • Chart angular rotation in 90° increments
  • Chart centerline in 180° increments
  • X and Y axis lead accuracy – every inch for the length of travel
QVI Calibration Fact Sheet
QVI Calibration Fact Sheet