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Priority Hardware Maintenance Agreements

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qvs_priority-services-logo.pngHMA Priority Services are offered in three levels to match the measuring envelope and array of sensors to be certified on your system.

Level 1 — covers bench-top video systems with one standard sensor.

Level 2 — covers mid-range floor model systems with up to two standard sensors or one advanced sensor.

Level 3 — covers large travel floor model systems with up to two standard sensors or one advanced sensor.

All three levels include two on-site service visits per year by an ISO 17025-2005 certified Field Service Technician, including:

  • As Found performance baseline testing and report
  • Cleaning and mechanical preventive maintenance of the ways and optics, and back-up of configuration files and system parameters.
  • Calibration of the optical system and X,Y,Z axes, using NIST Traceable calibration artifacts.
  • ISO 17025-2005 calibration report
  • As Left performance report, including calibration results and written report of any additional service recommendations

Additional sensors can be added to the HMA plan for a small additional fee.

Why should you have an HMA?

Standard SensorsAdvanced Sensors
VideoTeleStar Laser
T 20 or TP 200 touch probeScanning Probe
TTL LaserFeather Probe
DRS or DXR LaserRainbow Probe

 HMA Graph

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance includes confirming proper operation of the system motion, optics, lighting and sensors, recommended cleaning and service for all mechanisms, and backing up configuration and parameter files.


  • Check, clean, lubricate and align lead screws / rod drives
  • Scale reader head alignment check / adjustment
  • Confirm motion acceleration and velocity within normal range


  • Camera Coaxial & Rotational alignment
  • Parfocalization
  • Video brightness and contrast
  • Zoom lens calibration
  • Field of view calibration


  • Confirm normal operation


  • Confirm power supply voltages
  • Check and clean all filters and fans


  • Confirm proper operation of all sensors & deployment mechanisms


  • Record as-found and as-left condition of system


System calibration includes performing a baseline as-found accuracy test for the X, Y and Z-axes, and a calibration of each axis using the recommended artifact.


  • X,Y Accuracy
  • X,Y Repeatability
  • X,Y Hysteresis
  • Z Accuracy
  • Z Repeatability
  • Z Hysteresis


  • Z Cert
  • Z Verify
  • X,Y Cert
  • X,Y Verify

Calibration Report