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Priority Software Maintenance Agreements FAQs

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qvs_priority-services-logo.pngWhy choose an SMA?
Choose an SMA to receive the best prices, support, and priority scheduling for your system. Be the first to know about software updates, upgrades, and special offers that will keep your system running at peak efficiency.

How is the price established?
The price is established based on your machine's current coverage status.

What if I already have an SMA and I buy another machine?
Additional machines can be added to your SMA for a one time low price.

How much is it going to cost me if I have never had an SMA before?
The price is determined by the average age of all systems at the site and the number of machines involved.

What happens when I have more than 5 machines that I want to cover with an SMA?
You can add each machine to an SMA for an additional low price per machine.

Can I get any extra discounts on sensors or probes when I upgrade my software?
Selected hardware purchased with the software upgrade will have price benefits with SMA.

Why would I want to upgrade my software?
Upgrade to new software for more measurement capabilities, faster speeds, and newer operating systems.

How do the free software updates to my system work?
Visit our software revisions page to see the most current updates for your system, or contact our priority service representative at priority1@ogpnet.com.

Does having an SMA get me more priority when something happens to my system?
Yes, Systems covered by the Software Maintenance Agreement have priority access Factory Application Assistance.
When you bundle an SMA with a Hardware Maintenance Agreement (HMA), you are eligible for priority scheduling for repair response.